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Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Stuff Done: Back to the Basics

Have you worked in an office or for a large organization for an extended period of time and gotten caught up in the hoopla of the corporate merry-go-round. Where you one day realize that you didn’t really do anything but push a little paper around, have some conversations in email and maybe attended a few meetings. Volleying the ball out of your court to keep movement. My favorite is a round of 5+ emails to set a time for a phone call. 

I discovered an amazing technique for getting things done that can be referred to as “pick up the phone”. A seemingly long lost form of communication in our electronic media age. It can be surprisingly refreshing to see what can be accomplished by picking up the phone and making things happen. 

I encourage you to try it. The next time you are about to craft a carefully thought out email to volley back and forth some ideas, try picking up the phone and save the time delay of the electronic exchange.