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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Become more capable than you ever imagined

The best way to weather times of famine is to save in times of prosperity.  To protect your career before it’s threatened by company downsizing and other impacts of the economy, here are 5 steps to follow.

  1. Maximize opportunities for professional development: Take advantage of your company’s training programmes and at the beginning of every year carefully plan courses to take.
  2. Showcase your value: During a recession companies don’t stop needing services; they just need different services. Look at your strengths and match them with new need emerging needs.
  3. Be committed to continuous improvement: Be willing to consider relocating or travelling just to expand your options.
  4. Defy the Impossible: What might seem impossible can be overcome with hard work, delivering quality work and a willingness to ask.
  5. Take a risk with a higher possibility of reward: Be confident enough in your own abilities and set up a business of your own or become a partner with a business owner.
Taken from The Recession experience of Maria Matarelli; a professional coach and personal mentor. For more tips on improvements and personal development, follow@mariamatarelli on Twitter, Download the book from The eBook Library Or enter 50% paperback discount code BLC1000 to get the book at The eBook Library.

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